Save-A-Lot Plugging Affordable Holiday Feasts

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Save-A-Lot Plugging Affordable Holiday Feasts

The five holiday feasts feature three complete traditional meals comprised of main dishes, sides, desserts, and beverages; and two meal plans for traditional parties, one for the holiday hors d'oeuvres celebrations, and the other covering desserts.

"These are very difficult times for many Americans," said Bill Shaner, president/c.e.o. of the St. Louis-based Save-A-Lot, which has stores in 39 states. "We developed these meal plans to make our customer's shopping trip and meal preparation quick, convenient, and cost- effective. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our customers and their families can celebrate their holiday tradition -- whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanza -- with great food at great prices."

The discount format Supervalu division is also encouraging consumers to view menu planning tips and ideas at its Web site:

Here's a closer look at Save-A-Lot's five meals that will feed 10 for less than $25:
     Meal Plan 1:
     Half of a Ham ($18.09)
     1 can Wylwood green beans ($.98)
     2 cans Wylwood corn ($.98 each)
     1 package Grammies break and bake chocolate chip cookies ($1.99)
     1 box Coburn Farms hot cocoa ($1.19)
     TOTAL = $24.21

     Meal Plan 2:
     Beef Brisket ($12.40)
     4 pounds of fresh yams ($1.59)
     4 pounds of fresh greens ($3.39)
     2 cherry pies ($2.99 each)
     2 bottles Bubba Cola ($.79 for each 2 liter)
     TOTAL = $24.94

     Meal Plan 3:
     12 pound Butterball Turkey ($14.28)
     1 box Harris Farms mashed potatoes ($1.49)
     2 boxes Golden Acres stuffing ($.89 each)
     1 can Baymist cranberries ($.97)
     2 Mrs. Smiths pumpkin pies ($2.99 each)
     TOTAL = $24.50

     Meal Plan 4: (heavy appetizer party for 10)
     2 boxes Snapps mozzarella sticks ($1.19 each)
     1 block Country Crossings cheese ($2.09)
     1 box J. Higgs Classic Buttery Rounds ($1.79)
     2 pounds shrimp cocktail ($9.99)
     2 packages Ferrato's meatballs ($2.49 each)
     1 Baumann's barbecue sauce ($1.49)
     1 bag J. Higgs chips ($1.19)
     TOTAL = $23.91

     Meal Plan 5: (cookie party with friends)
     10 packages Ginger Evans cookie mix ($1.69 each)
     1 bottle of Westcott oil ($2.79)
     1 package of 12 eggs ($1.95)
     TOTAL = $21.64

Prices are based on the standard average across all stores nationwide.