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Sav-on Drugs Banner Heading to Colorado

BOISE, Idaho - Pharmacy sections in Colorado Albertsons stores will start using the Sav-on Drugs name in a rebranding strategy launched this month. Albertsons-owned Sav-on also has freestanding locations in 15 states, although none in Colorado, and the grocer has no current plans to open any.

There are 62 Albertsons supermarkets in the state, 44 of which have in-store pharmacies.

"We're changing the name so our customers know that wherever you go (in the 37 states in which Albertsons operates) you're getting the same quality pharmacy," spokeswoman Karen Ramos told the Denver Post. "It's part of our program to brand our pharmacies with the same brand name as our freestanding stores. And we're rolling it out in Colorado."

Changes will include new signage and prescription label bottles, but pharmacy records will stay intact and customers will have no problems filling or refilling prescriptions, according to the company. Generic versions of drug store items already sport packaging reading "Sav-on-Osco by Albertsons." The grocer also owns Osco Drug Stores.

In 2002 the retailer rebranded its Southern California in-store pharmacies with the Sav-on name. Additionally, there are freestanding Sav-on locations in the region.
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