Saucy Solutions

Fresherized Foods, the Fort Worth, Texas-based maker of Wholly Guacamole, has extended the consumer salsa experience with all-natural, preservative-free Wholly Salsa Snack Packs. The convenient, ready-to-eat, under 50-calorie-per-serving cups are a response to healthy trends in home-packed lunches and on-the go snacking. Offering both a classic line of mild, medium and hot salsa, the line also includes a sweeter “garden fresca” version. Packaged in 3.6-ounce, individual-portion-controlled cups, the salsa stays fresh for up to 45 days and features a peel-back film for easy consumer opening. Merchandised in the fresh produce or deli sections of major grocery stores along with other Wholly products, the suggested retail price for a four-pack is $2.99 to $3.49. For more information, visit
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