Safeway Launches "Ingredients for Life" Image Campaign

PLEASANTON, Calif. -- Safeway today launched an extensive brand repositioning campaign, the culmination of more than two years of extensive consumer research, that the chain hopes will convince consumers that its stores should be the sole source for all their shopping needs.

The approximate $100 million "Ingredients for Life" campaign includes branding and marketing elements as well as extensive advertising, highlighted by a major new TV and Radio campaign.

"It's a campaign that's unprecedented in Safeway's history -- and probably grocery's history," Safeway's c.m.o. Brian Cornell told Progressive Grocer during an interview yesterday. "We have all the elements in place -- the quality perishables, strong proprietary brands, redesigned stores, and world-class service -- now we're going to tell everyone about it."

The most important visual representation of Safeway's new brand promise is the Life Icon, which will be woven throughout all of the retailer's communication elements. "This extends our message to consumers that we have more solutions for them than ever before," said Cornell. "There are organics for health-conscious shoppers, national brands for the brand-loyal, and products for value shoppers. Whatever they need for their life, they can find it here in one place."

In addition, the company's logo has been contemporized, with the Safeway "S" reshaped into a more dominating form, the company said.

The "Ingredients for Life" campaign will leverage all consumer touch points, including TV, radio, print, out-of-home, in-store and Web. The first phase of the television campaign will kick off with a new 30-second ad called "Launch" on April 18, which will air on "appointment programming," including, "24," "Amazing Race," "The Apprentice," and "CSI."

Dedicated radio has been developed to extend the reach and frequency of the campaign. True "brand messages" will be communicated rather the traditional price and item approached used by many grocery retailers.

In the store, a completely redesigned ad circular will be launched, prominently featuring the Life Icon and the new brand identity. Outdoor creative will feature the "Ingredients for Life" tagline, as well as Safeway's new Life Icon, and logo. will also be re-branded to reflect the new campaign. The refreshed Web site will feature a more robust recipe center and health and wellness functionality.

To stand behind its message, the program will be backed up by solid execution of store operations, said Cornell. "We made sure we built a supply chain that exceeds the customer expectations," he said. "You can't just improve the quality of your products -- you have to deliver on it. That's what builds the brand."
-- Joseph Tarnowski
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