Safeway Builds Cross-Platform Production Environment for Streaming Media

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Safeway Builds Cross-Platform Production Environment for Streaming Media

Safeway, Inc. hasdeployed an active storage system to support a cross-platform shared edit environment for its various content needs -- such as in-store promotional videos and internal training presentations.

The chain is using the MediaGrid system from Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Omneon, Inc., and incorporating Avid Media Composer and Apple Final Cut Pro editing systems. By providing consolidated storage for production and supporting a variety of workflow applications, the vendor said the MediaGrid system simplifies the growth of Safeway’s production operations, and reduces the cost of accessing and managing content across the facility.

“We selected the Omneon MediaGrid active storage system for our operations because it allows us to consolidate our media storage while we add Final Cut Pro systems to our Avid environment,” said Dan Pryor, VP of corporate communications at Pleasanton, Calif.-based Safeway. “In this role, the MediaGrid system supports a true end-to-end workflow, with content remaining on the system from ingest through post-production to distribution. The fact that the Omneon storage system directly supports our existing transcoding, IPTV and streaming applications also is a big plus. Now, when we add more storage for content, it’s a single upgrade and the entire facility benefits.”

The MediaGrid system has given Safeway a flexible, scalable and cost-effective solution for enhancing its Avid storage while adding Final Cut Pro seats, with all editors pulling from a single pool of content and working within a shared project environment. The company works with XDCAM systems and maintains file-based operations right through to streaming or broadcast of content. Safeway produces content for two full-time broadcast channels, two streaming channels, and VOD services for more than 1,750 stores and over 197,000 employees.

The MediaGrid system’s open interoperability enabled Safeway to integrate it with several other applications it uses for media delivery and communications. The Omneon system acts as storage for Digital Rapids transcoding, Cisco Application and Content Networking System (ACNS), Helius IPTV distribution, Qumu video webcasting, and Microsoft Windows Media Server.

Because content remains on the MediaGrid system, there is no need to move high-resolution content across the network from device to device, or to manage the transfer of content in relation to other work being performed on the network.