Sabzee Market Targets Valentine’s Day Shoppers

Realizing many consumers are still watching their spending, Sabzee Mediterranean Market is positioning itself as a one-stop shop for stay-at-home Valentine’s Day celebrations.

The popular Middle Eastern grocery store in Encino, Calif., is known for its wide-selection of international foods, fresh produce, meats and more. Sabzee Mediterranean Market is reminding its regular customers and romantically minded shoppers that it has everything needed for this Feb. 14.

For customers who want prepared baked goods, Sabzee Mediterranean Market has a wide range of pastries, including baklava.

The Middle Eastern grocery offers a huge selection of items that can accommodate any diet including vegetarian, vegan, kosher and Halal options. Fresh fruit, fruit dipped in chocolate, cheese and nuts are easy and elegant compliments to any meal.  Plus, Sabzee Mediterranean Market has an extensive selection of spices to round out any dish.

Sabzee Mediterranean Market is stocked with a range of flowers including traditional roses and the increasingly popular lilies and orchids. For customers who are unsure which flowers are ideal for certain occasions, the staff at Sabzee Mediterranean Market is helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and able to make suggestions.


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