RPCS Pharmacies Expanding Year-old $3 Generics Program

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- RPCS Inc. here is set to celebrate the successful one-year anniversary of its $3 generic drug program by expanding its services.

The employee-owned retailer launched its $3 generics program last year on Black Friday at its 20 pharmacies located inside Ramey, Price Cutter, Price Cutter Plus, and Smitty’s grocery stores. In the year since its launch, RPCS’s pharmacists have filled more than 100,000 prescriptions from the program.

For this year’s recently concluded Black Friday, the company kicked off a similar program at nine pharmacies in Food Pyramid stores in the Tulsa area.

The $3 price applies to specific generic drugs with up to a 30-day supply of commonly prescribed dosages. Quantities over 30 days or above recommended common dosages will be at usual and customary pricing. A complete list of more than 250 drugs included on the Tulsa-area program is available at pharmacy counters and online at: www.MyPyramidOnline.com, and the list of $3 generics for Ramey, Price Cutter, Price Cutter Plus, and Smitty’s stores is online at www.PriceCutterOnline.com.

Following the chain’s purchase of nine former Albertsons stores last July, RPCS has been concentrated on establishing the Food Pyramid name and reputation while lowering prices on more than 10,000 products. RPCS officials said the time was right to launch the $3 generics program in its Tulsa area stores.

Larry Storey, pharmacy administrator for RPCS Inc., said that there isn’t a typical customer for the $3 generics program.

“Senior citizens, as you would imagine, make up a large portion of customers taking advantage of the program,” Storey said. “However, we’ve found that everyone appreciates saving money. We’ve filled $3 generics for people from all walks of life and all age groups. We’ve actually saved the customer anywhere from $5 to $20 for each prescription on the list.”

Storey said the top five generics that customers are purchasing on the program, listed in their order of popularity, are: Metformin, used to treat diabetes; Hydrochlorothiazide, diuretic for cardiac patients; Levothyroxine, for thyroid patients; Lisinopril, to treat high blood pressure; and Amoxicillin, an antibiotic.

RPCS Inc. started as the first Ramey grocery store in Springfield, Mo., opened in 1919 by John Ramey. RPCS Inc. now operates 33 grocery stores and 20 pharmacies in southwest Missouri under the Ramey, Price Cutter, Price Cutter Plus, and Smitty's banners; the only online grocery stores in two southwest Missouri metro areas (Springfield and Joplin); and one Save-A-Lot store in northwest Arkansas.

RPCS also operates nine Food Pyramid grocery stores and pharmacies and three Pyramid Express convenience stores in the Tulsa area.

As a Starbucks licensee since 2002, RPCS Inc. operates 11 in-store, full-service Starbucks kiosks in Missouri and three in the Tulsa area, with plans to open seven more in Tulsa during 2008.

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