Rosauers Store Installs Solar-electric System

A Rosauers Supermarket in Hood River, Ore., now features a 15,000-square-foot 91.9-kilowatt solar electric system designed, engineered and installed by Solar Nation. The installation was part of Rosauers’ overall sustainability initiative, which also includes the adoption of recycling, reclamation, reusable bags, and high-efficiency lighting and refrigeration, as well as partnerships with local suppliers.

Connected to a Solectria inverter, the rooftop array consists of 638 Uni-Solar PVL-144 panels and covers about 60 percent of the location’s roof. Both the solar panels and the inverter were manufactured in the United States.

The Hood River system is one of the first in Oregon to be completed under the state’s Feed-in Tariff Pilot Program, administered by local utilities under the auspices of the state Public Utilities Commission, and designed to provide a reasonable return on investments in solar-power generation systems. The clean, renewable energy produced by the system is sufficient to power eight average-sized homes. Over its 25-year warranted life, the Hood River system will keep an estimated 3.6 million pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the environment, the equivalent of eliminating 2.5 million automobile miles, or the environmental benefit provided by 72,902 trees.

“Once we had a clear picture of the environmental and financial benefits of solar, the decision to build a system was easy,” noted Jeff Philipps, president of Spokane, Wash.-based Rosauers Supermarkets Inc., which operates 20 retail stores in a four-state area. “Solar Nation was an outstanding partner, providing us with detailed information and analysis, and assisting us in every step of the process from application to build out.”

“While I was a resident of the Hood River area for many years, I personally chose to shop at Rosauers because of their large selection of high-quality natural foods and because of their excellent service,” said Paul Hodge, CEO of Portland, Ore.-based Solar Nation. “Rosauers has continued that tradition of excellence through their sustainability initiative, which now includes solar power generation. The Rosauers Hood River solar-electric system will cut carbon emissions and reduce demand on the local utility, improving the environment for everyone. The system will also provide Rosauers with immediate and long-term savings, helping make them a stronger business and employer.”

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