Roche Bros. Launches Online Tool to Shop for Recipe Ingredients

Roche Bros. is launching a convenient way to shop for the ingredients of any recipe online. Customers in the Greater Boston area can add the ingredients from any recipe to the grocer’s online shopping cart with one click on a special bookmark.

“This new tool, plus the quality ingredients from Roche Bros. Home Delivery, make a 'recipe' for success for our customers,” said Geoff Farrington, ecommerce operations manager for the retailer, headquartered in Wellesley, Mass.  

The partnering vendor, Foodily, said its Popcart tool helps consumers shop for food because nearly nine in 10 home cooks (86 percent) find recipes online.

In addition to expanding to the Boston market, the company has enhanced the technology with ingredient substitutions. When the tool recognizes an out-of-stock ingredient, it finds in-stock alternatives. Plus, it will not automatically add pantry staples like oil and salt to the shopping cart.


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