Roche Bros. Deploys Workforce Management Solution

Regional independent grocer Roche Bros. is deploying a new workforce management solution to streamline its human capital management efforts.

The grocer is implementing the EmpowerWFM suite from Orlando, Fla.-based Empower Software Solutions across all Roche Bros. and Sudbury Farms locations. “EmpowerWFM will be instrumental in our efforts to build efficient employee schedules, provide accurate labor forecasting and track time and attendance in a variety of scenarios,” said Paul Simas, director of operations for Roche Bros. “Most importantly, we anticipate EmpowerWFM will build on our reputation as one of the top places to work and being the most customer-focused grocer in our marketplace.”

EmpowerWFM is designed for organizations with complex, enterprise-wide labor management requirements, and Roche Bros. is implementing several solutions in the EmpowerWFM suite, including EmpowerScheduler, an advanced scheduling solution; EmpowerTime, a comprehensive time and attendance solution; EmpowerForecaster, which identifies and helps forecast store labor needs; and EmpowerESS, an employee self-service tool.

“Customer-focused and forward-thinking regional grocers like Roche Bros. are strategically using advanced workforce scheduling and forecasting to drive operational efficiency and increase client satisfaction,” said Jim Hoefflin, president and CEO of Empower Software.

Wellesley, Mass.-based Roche Bros. operates 18 stores throughout Greater Boston, Metro-West and Southern Massachusetts. It won Progressive Grocer Independent’s Overall Outstanding Operator Award earlier this year.