Ripe for the Eating

The Liivia Ripening Fruit Bowl is the first product to enhance the fresh fruit experience by effectively ripening fruit as needed, according to the manufacturer, Los Angeles-based Liivia. The product marries an attractive fruit bowl design with patented technology that enables the user to control the ripening process. The company suggests cross-merchandising the product with tomatoes and avocados as well as apples, bananas, pears, peaches, plums, nectarines, mangos, kiwis or any other climacteric fruit. These fruits can be stored inside or on top of the Ripening Fruit Bowl, which consists of a stainless steel base, a German scientific glass bowl and a German scientific glass platter with stainless steel vents that is placed on top of the bowl. The bowl features dual contoured ripening surfaces that reduce bruising and ripen fruit at different rates. Ripe fruit can be placed on the upper platter, where ripening is not accelerated and the fruit is accessible and ready to eat. The upper platter can also be used for unripe fruit that will be ripened later. The stainless steel base can also be combined with the platter to form a separate fruit serving display for a countertop, table or buffet. Available for shipment in August, the bowl retails for a suggested $79.99. To learn more, visit
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