Revionics Launches Collaborative Deal Portal

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Revionics Launches Collaborative Deal Portal

Revionics, Inc., a Roseville, Calif.-based provider of retail lifecycle price optimization, inventory replenishment and consumer demand management software, last month launched a new collaborative portal for retailers and their trading partners.

Called Collaborate, the Web-based portal features a centralized repository for item, deal and related supplier data with online negotiation tools. As a Software-as-a-Service offering, the module easily integratges with a retailer’s existing systems or as an extension of Revionics’ solutions, including its Promotion Planning and Replenishment modules.

“Our community of over 100 retail customers asked us to provide a solution that offers an automated approach to administration-intensive tasks,” says Revionics president and CEO Todd P. Michaud. “Retailers of all sizes see the value in automating administrative tasks on one hand, but [also] see the strategic value in improving forecast visibility to their supplier community.”

Collaborate was developed to automate manual administrative trading partner activities, from deal collection to promotion reporting and reconciliation, as well as to enable cross-functional visibility to vendor offers, status of vendor funds, and the retail item demand forecast.

Additional features of the Collaborate module include:

—Cooperative Online Deal Management: Retailers can share forecasts, actual results and performance reports to help the supplier offer more informed deals. Deals are entered, negotiated, tracked and stored in one central repository
—Causal Impact of Price and Deal Monies Revealed: Retailers can leverage Revionics Forecast to learn in advance how price and promotion will impact demand, and can share this information with their suppliers
—Collection and Hosting of Supplier Data: Retailers can use Collaborate as a data-collecting and hosting solution. The portal accepts a variety of data transmission types, including manual entry
—Reporting and Deal Reconciliation: Pertinent reports can be shared with retailers’ supply communities, including store-level forecasting, sales performance, and promotional plans and calendars. Electronic scan-down reports are also available to automate and expedite collection of deal monies
—One Platform With Revionics Replenishment and Lifecycle Pricing: Retailers leveraging Revionics solutions, such as store-level replenishment automation, inventory optimizatio, and promotion-planning solutions can use these together to provide their suppliers closed-loop communication about item-, store- and enterprise-level performance
—Configurable Deployment and Integration: Collaborate can be configured in a centralized, decentralized or mixed-mode environment
—Platform Connectivity: For retailers and suppliers already leveraging an existing trading exchange or other method of e-commerce, Collaborate can accept data feeds from these sources and further enhance the supply chain relationship with additional functionality

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