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Retailers Wanted for National Bulk Foods Week

The Bulk is Green Council (BIG) is seeking retailer participants for its fourth annual National Bulk Foods Week, slated for Oct. 12-18 at grocery stores nationwide.

National Bulk Foods Week is an extension of the Portland, Ore.-based organization's aim to increase consumer and retailer awareness of the environmental and economic benefits of buying bulk foods.

During the week, retailer participants offer discounts on foods from bulk bins to direct shoppers into the bulk foods aisle; BIG provides retailers with POS signage, along with other promotional materials.

Stores also will be entered in the running for BIG’s fourth annual industry recognition, the 2014 Bulk Foods Retailer of the Year. Last year’s winner from more than 1,200 retailers nationwide was the Fresh Market Store #105 in Miami, Fla.

“National Bulk Foods Week is a great way to draw consumers into the bulk aisles and to excite them about all the benefits associated with shopping there,” said Brett Karminski, senior brand manager at Frontier Natural Products Co-op, a founding BIG member. “The more retailers that take part, the more consumers experience the benefits of shopping in bulk, during the week and all-year long.”

Interested retailers can sign up at

The Bulk is Green Council is comprised of Attune Foods, Frontier Natural Products Co-op, Lundberg Family Farms, SunRidge Farms and Trade Fixtures.

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