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Retailers Reap Rewards in Mango Display Contest

The National Mango Board held its sixth annual Mango Mania Display Contest with the result of increasing mango volume in one week in July by 103 percent in participating stores compared to the prior year. Northgate Market won the 7+ registers category and LaTienda Thriftway won the 1-6 registers category.

Ninety stores entered the contest and received a $15 Amazon gift card. The displays were judged on creativity, visual appeal and effectiveness in educating customers about mango. The stores’ produce departments were encouraged to use NMB’s point-of-sale materials that highlighted selection, cutting and nutritional messages.

“Every year, we are impressed with the level of creativity and hard work that produce personnel dedicates to their mango displays,” said Rachel Muñoz, director of marketing at the NMB. “The results of this contest proves to us, once again, that retailers are excited about mangos and that this contest is a great way to boost mango sales and increase mango movement.”

Contest Winners:

7+ Registers

1st Place, $1,000 prize: Fernando Armada, Northgate Market, Los Angeles, Calif.

2nd Place, $800 prize: Vinny Venditti, Price Rite, Johnston, R.I.

3rd Place, $600 prize: Russell Varga, Chuck’s Produce and Street Market, Vancouver, Wash.

4th Place, $400 prize: Ashley Lollier, Price Rite, Rochester, N.Y.

Honorable Mentions, $200 prize each

Dave Richards, Cash Saver, Des Moines, Iowa

Wilson Narvaez, Ctown, Peeskill, N.Y.

Tony Stimic, CV’s Savers Club, Greenwood, Ark.

Brent Cizek, Lueken’s Village Foods, Bemidji, Minn.

Javier Rocha, Northgate Market, San Diego, Calif.

Felipe Barajas, Northgate Market, Chula Vista, Calif.

Javier Solano, Northgate Market, Anaheim, Calif.

Cesar Escatel, Northgate Market, La Puente, Calif.


1 to 6 registers

1st Place, $1,000 prize: Chuck Gurvitz, LaTienda Thriftway, Carlsbad, N.M.

2nd Place, $800 prize:  Dawn Becky, Hendersons IGA, Valentine, Neb.

3rd Place, $600 prize: Danny Kim, Pick Rite Thriftway, Montesano, Wash.

4th Place, $400 prize: Miguel Covarrubias, Northgate Market, Long Beach, Calif.

Honorable Mentions, $200 prize each

Doug Douglas, CV’s Savers Club, Danville, Ark.

Efren Pinera, Hilltop Red Apple Market, Seattle, Wash.

Tim Baker, Lowes Foods, Hickory, N.C.

Victor Mouse, Marvin’s Savers Club, Chouteau, Okla.

Jose Cortes, Northgate Market, Inglewood, Calif.

Tracie Newberry, Piggly Wiggly, Pinetops, N.C.

Billy Selig, Piggly Wiggly fo Sanford, Sanford, N.C.

Roy Scott, Stump’s Family Market, San Diego, Calif.



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