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You can't afford to miss out on the fastest-growing deli prepared chicken segment: WINGS.

■ Wings are the No. 1 impulse buy for deli chicken purchasers: More than 40% of consumers say wings were an unplanned purchase from their grocery's prepared foods section.

■ Wings are a proven repeat purchase: Shoppers who buy wings from the deli say their intent to buy them again is 81%.

■ Wings purchases are driven by perceptions of quality, not price: Deliver a superior eating experience, and consumers will keep coming back for more.

The Tyson Difference

Tyson Crispy Glazed Wings deliver exceptional flavor and texture that's proven to push retailer sales volume. Retailers that have replaced a competitive product with Tyson Crispy Glazed Wings have seen 2 to 4 times more sales.

Plus, Crispy Glazed Wings offer retailers:

■ Better hold quality - moist, crisp wings through extended hold times in the hot case

■ Better sauce adhesion - so sauce stays on wings and not in the pan

■ 5 on-trend sauced profiles - Buffalo, BBQ, Teriyaki, Caliente, and Hot Pepper

■ 3 dry-rub flavors - Salt and Vinegar, Ranch, and Buffalo Ranch


Reduce shrink and add value to your excess rotisserie chicken with new easy-to-assemble bakes for the deli department. Tyson Rotisserie Bakes take advantage of hot consumer demand trends:

■ Chicken dishes are the most popular prepared food item at supermarkets&emdash;almost half of all recently purchased grocery prepared meals were chicken meals.

■ Rotisserie chicken unit sales are up 4%, year over year.

■ Pasta, Mexican and pot pie dishes were the only deli entrees that showed dollar sales growth in 2009.

The Tyson Difference

Tyson Rotisserie Bakes provide your customers with a new option at the deli while helping you control shrink. Here's what makes Rotisserie Bakes a smart choice for retailers:

■Better bottom line - Manage shrink by assembling second meals with excess cooked chicken.

■Top-line sales growth - Boost revenue with a product line that delivers incremental purchases.

■Deli differentiation - Freshly prepared in-store meals that combine convenience and quality set your store apart.

■Easy execution - Conveniently portioned sauces and components arrive frozen, ready to thaw and assemble fresh in the store.

■3 consumer-pleasing flavors: Bacon Alfredo, Classic Pot Pie, Creamy Enchilada


With shoppers making 38% of purchase decisions for deli prepared foods in-store, effective point of purchase communications are essential to reaching your most valuable customers. Raising product and category awareness at the point of purchase can boost volume and pave the way for sustained sales growth at the deli counter.

Tyson promotions get results

From meal deals to sports and movie tie-ins, Tyson Deli's research-driven promotion programs offer high appeal to target consumers and are proven to increase retailers' top-line sales:

■10 of 12 major retailers who used Tyson Deli's chicken wings promotional programs saw significant volume growth in their wing category-some as high as 72%.

■A spring 2010 promotion pairing Tyson Rotisserie Chicken and wine generated promotional lifts for retailers projected at 25% to 30% for the 4,500 participating outlets.

■Retailers got a 55.1% sales lift simply by supporting their weekly ad with a boneless wings POS-and no price reduction.


Check out the new Tyson Deli Results Center at the first deli-specific website to put proven business-building strategies at your fingertips.

Supported by Tyson Deli's extensive library of proprietary consumer and market research findings, the Tyson Deli Results Center was designed just for deli professionals. You'll find:

■ Proven promotions that have lifted sales by as much as 119%

■ Merchandising strategies that can convert 43% of your shoppers into buyers

■ Product innovations that give customers the solutions they're looking for today

■ Insights on who buys from each deli case and how to sell them

■ A profit calculator to help you determine the right product and pricing mix at a glance

■ Tyson Deli's calendar of seasonal and product-specific, anytime promotions

■ Promotional POS materials that qualifying retailers can order online

Visit the Tyson Deli Results Center often for new promotions, the latest product innovations and sales-driving shopper insights. Put the power of Tyson's proven deli business-building strategies to work for you&emdash;today.

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