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Report: Supply Chain and POS Technologies to Drive IT Spending Among Discounters in 2002

MIAMI - Lower interest rates, a strong Christmas and improving credit terms will allow mass merchandisers to continue to invest heavily in supply chain hardware and software systems and POS systems in the next 6-12 months, according to a new report from IHL Consulting Report entitled "IT and North American Mass Merchandisers."

"These retailers have always led the pack in terms of investing in technology in the supply chain," says Greg Buzek, President of IHL Consulting Group. "Now they are trying to increase their lead in this area while investing in new POS technology that allows easy access to inventory levels and that support cross-channel retailing. Gift cards, fuel islands and competitive price changes all add to the need for stronger, more robust POS applications."

"Combine these technical trends with favorable vendor financing (as low as 0-1% in some cases) and we are looking at a period of strong, targeted investment in key technologies for these mass merchants. As a result, we expect these retailers to increase the capital IT spending in the next 6-12 months," continued Buzek.
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