Report: FDA Says Seafood Advisory Must Change

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Report: FDA Says Seafood Advisory Must Change

The Food and Drug Administration has reportedly delivered a recommendation urging the Federal government to amend its seafood advisory based on the latest science.

The FDA has concluded that the greatest benefits to pregnant women and women of childbearing age would come from eating more fish, according to a report the Washington Post.

The National Fisheries Institute is also advocating change, calling on the incoming Administration to take action.

"President Elect Obama should make updating the seafood advisory a priority," said John Connelly, NFI's president. While Connelly said NFI has not seen the FDA internal report, the issue is one that FDA has apparently spoken out clearly on.

Connelly said the advisory should be amended to reflect the current state of science within the first 100 days of the Obama administration. The trade association official cited an overwhelming amount of research conducted since the advisory was last updated in 2004 that suggests the real risk to women and children is not eating enough seafood.
"The USDA updates its dietary guidelines for Americans every 5 years, like clockwork. It reviews the latest in nutrition science and makes recommendations. It stands to reason that the FDA/EPA would too," said Connelly.