Remke Markets Launches Loyalty Marketing Program

Remke Markets, operator of a dozen supermarkets in Kentucky and the greater Cincinnati metro area, has enhanced its loyalty marketing program by adopting a platform to track and engage customers with specially designed offers.

Remke’s new loyalty marketing program from ProLogic Retail Services is designed to capture and analyze purchase data, providing valuable insights into the buying habits of customers. The grocer will be able to identify specific categories of shoppers, including top shoppers, new shoppers, lapsed shoppers and category-specific shoppers. Remke can leverage the data to build personalized targeted offers for individual shoppers based on their past purchase behavior.

“We are highly enthusiastic about rolling out our new loyalty marketing program,” said Pat Iasillo, director of CRM at Remke Markets, a family-owned business headquartered in Erlanger, Ky. “We recognize the opportunity to reward our best shoppers with offers and programs specifically designed to meet their needs.  We look forward to growing our business by using the platform to design intelligent offers targeted to individual shoppers.”

Ross Ely, president and CEO of ProLogic Retail Services, stressed Remke’s new ability to provide a unique and differentiated experience to shoppers in its community by leveraging insights from their shopper data.

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