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Relevance Partners, Shopper Studio Team Up for Analytics, Software

Relevance Partners, LLC has signed a definitive agreement with Shopper Studio to provide its Relevance Suite analytics and targeting software platform to power Shopper Studio’s Personalized Offer Network across Latin America.

Relevance Partners will deliver a multi-lingual, cloud-based version of Relevance Suite for use by Shopper Studio’s agency staff, manufacturer and retail network clients. Of particular importance to Shopper Studio is Relevance Suite’s functionality that automatically selects the best offers for each household, calculating personal redemption probability for each offer based on the household’s actual shopping behavior. 

“The talented team of industry leaders at Shopper Studio come from retail, CPG and advertising,” said Relevance Partners CEO Dave Carlson. “They truly understand, first hand, what their network clients want and need.”

The Relevance Suite of software is a collaborative shopper marketing platform developed to enable retailers and their vendors to profit from automated data-mining of the retailers’ shopper-identified purchase data and related data sources by delivering dynamic shopper segmentation and job-specific shopper insights, automatically optimized offer targeting, and timely, detailed performance evaluation. It is available for either in-house or cloud-based implementation on most popular relational databases.

“The Relevance Suite software is a perfect fit for our business,” said Alberto Pizzi, managing director of Shopper Studio. “It enables us to identify and tap growth opportunities for both our retail and brand participants throughout Latin America.”

Shopper Studio LATAM, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a pan-Latin America personalized offer network, providing both retailers of fast-moving consumer products and their vendors with a collaborative opportunity for growth. It helps retail clients cater to individual household interests, while concurrently enabling vendors to precisely target individual household behavior across a multi-retailer network.  

Gary Hawkins, founder and chairman of the Center for Advancing Retail and Technology (CART), played a pivotal role in matching Relevance Partners’ capabilities with Shopper Studio’s requirements, according to the two vendors.



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