Recession Strategies: How to Get the Most Out of Your Sales Staff

March 16, 2009

With increased competition and tighter capital markets, many organizations are at a crossroad as to how to generate more revenue without adding any additional head count.

In the current economic climate, hiring may be halted so organizations need to get the most out of their existing sales associations. Effective sales training and coaching can help companies turn B players into A players. Proper sales coaching can give access to new ideas, tips and strategies that will help you build upon your team’s current skills and strengths to give you a competitive edge.

Sales coaching can and will lead to better results at all levels of the sales organization. Taking the time and effort to effectively plan and strategize, as well as access and analyze sales techniques, will result in greater productivity. Effective coaching can also result in better team moral and job satisfaction. Companies who have utilized sales coaches have found that their attrition rates were lower and job satisfaction increased.

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