Reasor’s Installs Cummins Allison Coin Machines

Reasor's, one of Oklahoma’s largest independent retail grocery chains, has added Cummins Allison’s Money Machine 2 self-service coin counters at all 19 of its stores.

“With Cummins Allison, we were able to provide a better service to our customers and increase our profitability without having to raise our rates to customers,” said Dennis Maxwell, project manager at Reasor’s. “The machines work extremely well and have a more visually compelling appearance.”

According to Cummins Allison, the new coin counters are five times faster than their previous machines and provide 99.995 percent accuracy. Both employees and customers find the machines much easier to use. In addition, Cummins Allison provides a turnkey operation by managing the coin pickup and processing, eliminating the time-consuming task of coin handling so store associates can focus on more valuable service-related activities.

“We’ve seen a vast difference in the support we receive from Cummins Allison,” added Maxwell.  "Whenever I have a question, I receive an immediate response from my local serviceperson. Cummins Allison listened to our needs, made sure the rollout was seamless and lived up to every promise made.”

Cummins Allison offers four choices for grocers that want to add or replace their self-service coin machines. “We are excited grocery stores are seeking new partners who can match their ability to provide superior service to their customers,” said Jim Weaks, VP of Mt. Prospect, Ill.-based Cummins Allison. “More grocery stores are learning there are more options for self-service coin than there have been. Our flexible programs complement our high-quality, customizable self-service coin machines that can help grocery stores increase revenue and keep customers happy.”

Tulsa, Okla.-based Reasor's operates 19 grocery stores and two convenience stores in rortheastern Oklahoma.


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