Real-Time Promo Alerts Launched for Consumers

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Real-Time Promo Alerts Launched for Consumers

Mass Connections (MC) has introduced “Consumer Alert,” a communications program that sends real-time messages about retail promotions to consumers through advertising media such as mobile devices, in-store radio and television programming. The program alerts can effectively provide instant information on such events as product savings and last-minute price reductions.

According to the Cerritos, Calif.-based marketing company, the program enables both consumer packaged goods companies and retailers to develop immediate, direct promotion awareness of, as well as excitement for, retail marketing promotions.

“Now, with our patented accountable tracking process, which revolutionized the event industry by providing real-time execution results at the store level, we will be the first and only company to provide CPG companies and retailers an immediate and direct way to alert target customers about a promotion as it begins,” noted MC president/CEO Caroline Cotten-Nakken. “The Consumer Alert program is highly beneficial for clients looking to reach the more than 80 percent of customers who prefer to purchase products they have experienced or because of a great retail offer.”

MC works with CPG companies, retailers and media distribution companies to create marketing campaigns around product promotions. As well as promotional material, the campaign can now incorporate tactical components that employ the Consumer Alert process, with the aim of driving consumers to stores and shoppers to departments, and increasing the length of the visit. Upon campaign launch, MC’s “Consumer Connector” arrives at the retailer to ensure all promotional materials are set up, the product is available and that the promotion is ready to begin.

The Consumer Connector then swipes the MC card at the retailer’s POS/debit system to kick off the in-store promotion. The swipe is instantly received by MC’s system and identifies the program, Connector, location, program, date and time, along with the specific information to trigger all related campaign media.

The result is real-time promotional messages delivered as soon as the promotion is ready, supported by human verification.

Consumers can opt in for the program through a retailer’s or CPG company’s Web site for notifications, by ZIP code, concerning product and promotional information.

The alerts have been in development since close of 2008, and were rolled out in a limited pilot in April of this year.