Raley's Family of Fine Stores Targeted in Cyber Attack

Raley's Family of Fine Stores has discovered that a portion of its computer network systems may have been the target of a complex, criminal cyber attack.

The West Sacramento, Calif.-based regional independent grocer immediately initiated an investigation to determine whether cyber criminals may have obtained customer credit and debit card information. At this time, the company has not confirmed any unauthorized access to payment card data, but its investigation remains ongoing. Raley's does not believe that debit PINs, could have been accessed as it does not collect Social Security or drivers' license numbers in association with payment card transactions.

"Our customers' peace of mind is our top priority.” said Mike Teel, Raley's President & CEO. “We take protecting our customers' privacy seriously and sincerely regret any inconvenience that the attack on our network may have caused. We are working around-the-clock to gather details to determine the extent of any possible compromise of customer information."

The company has taken a series of immediate steps to enhance the security measures already in place to protect customer data, and said it’s confident that customers can continue using their payment cards in its stores.

Raley's has a dedicated response team available to answer customer questions and is providing customers updates on its website as they become available. It encourages customers who have used credit and debit cards at Raley's, Bel Air, Nob Hill Foods, Food Source stores or Aisle One fuel stations to monitor their bank and credit card statements for suspicious activity, and advised them that they are not responsible for any unauthorized usage of their credit and debit cards if this activity is promptly reported to the card issuer.



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