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Raley’s Chief Unveils New Fresh-focused Chain

Michael Teel, president and CEO of West Sacramento, Calif.-based grocer Raley's, will launch a new specialty banner focused on fresh product delivered daily, embracing the notion that food affects health. The banner will not be part of the Raley's family.

Conceptualized from a farmers’ market, the new banner, Market 5-ONE-5, will open its inaugural store spring 2017 in the historic R Street neighborhood in downtown Sacramento. Built on three core values -- organic, nutrition and education (ONE) -- Market 5-ONE-5 will include 11,000 square feet of curated product that will encourage wholesome eating. It will strive to source products that meet the highest quality standards: minimally processed, organic (when available), sustainably sourced and free of elements not found in nature.

“I want to go back to the basics and create a store that is reminiscent of a neighborhood corner market, but with a focus on nutritious food at a fair value,” Teel said. “Market 5-ONE-5 will be an unpretentious, inclusive and straightforward shopping experience.”

The new store will enhance the R Street district, an important part of Sacramento’s history as the Farm to Fork Capital of America. It will cater to local foodies, offering a convenient shopping experience, a place to socialize and seasonally prepared cuisine.

Market 5-ONE-5 is being designed in partnership with Stafford King Wiese Architects. The store is slated to open in the spring of 2017 and wull employ 40 assoaciates, according to a report by CBS Sacramento.

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