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Rä Nanoshoots Safe-to-eat Sprouts

Sacramento, Calif.-based Rä Foods LLC has introduced Cold Grown Rä Nanoshoots, an alternative to traditional sprouts, which have a long history of food safety issues. Rä Nanoshoots are tiny living plants, grown untouched in sealed 3-ounce packages at cold temperatures, ensuring the highest level of food safety. They have a naturally long shelf life of 21 days, which means less shrink for grocers and more value for consumers. Rä Nanoshoots are ready to eat, available year-round, and produced in an environmentally friendly way. They are herbicide-, pesticide- and GMO-free, and use only a fraction of water required in growing traditional sprouts. Rä Nanoshoots come in several varieties, including Clover (sweet), Clover/Alfalfa (sweet, nutty), Clover/Broccoli (mild, peppery) and Clover/Radish (spicy). SRP is $2.69 per package.

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