Quantivo Expands SaaS Offering

Quantivo, a provider of on-demand behavioral analytics, said yesterday that it has expanded its service offering to support the interactive discovery of behavioral patterns spanning multiple events, across large datasets. This means that for the first time, companies can now quickly understand how customers respond to multiple transactions and programs, over multiple visits and across any period of time. The innovative multi-event analysis provides a precise view of customer behavior and the combination of events that actually leads to purchases, Web registrations, ad clicks and up-sells, among others.

“We all know that multiple factors often drive decisions,” said Brian Kelly, CEO of San Mateo, Calif.-based Quantivo. “But understanding multi-event customer behavior is extremely difficult, especially across large volumes of data. Companies using Quantivo are now armed with insights into multiple actions that customers take before or after any transaction or event. This information is incredibly valuable for optimizing any kind of marketing, sales, merchandising or online decision.”

Decision-makers at retail, e-commerce and Web-content companies can use the capability to understand which combinations of online offers increase conversion rates, identify product affinities within baskets that contain multiple items, recognize the sequence of events that leads to and follows the purchase of specific items, and quantify both the direct and indirect lift generated by multiple promotions.

Multi-event behavioral analytics leverages Quantivo’s patented affinity database and on-demand delivery and is immediately available. The company offers the ultimate combination of behavioral analytic power and Software-as-a-Service delivery flexibility with a solution that is operational in days without any hardware or software investment and no lock-in commitments.

For more information, visit http://content.quantivo.com/misc/Multi-Event.mov.
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