Publix to Shut Down Little Clinics

Publix Super Markets is closing down its in-store Little Clinic locations after five years, according to a published report. The Lakeland, Fla.-based grocer operated a total of 40 clinics, staffed by nurse practitioners, at which shoppers could receive flu shots and be treated for minor ailments for less money than if they went to a doctor’s office.

All but nine of the Florida and Georgia locations have closed down. The 31 clinics ceased operations on May 9, while the locations still open have not yet revealed  closing dates. Publix's website noted that the grocer had previously entered into a business agreement with The Little Clinic, based in Brentwood, Tenn., that involved the leasing space within Publix stores for the operation of health care clinics. While no longer owned by The Little Clinic, the 40 locations continued to operate under that name.

Publix said it decided to end the leases to “focus on its core food and pharmacy” businesses, the St. Petersburg, Fla., Times reported. The company gave a similar reason for its recent decision to sell its Crispers restaurant chain. Spokeswoman Shannon Patten told the newspaper that the grocer has not yet determined how it will use the space freed up by the closing clinics.

Solera Capital, a New York-based private investment fund that last year sold the rest of its Little Clinic network in other states to Kroger, said it is considering what its next step in Florida will be, the publication reported.

Patients of the closing clinics can receive their medical records call 877-852-2677 or contact [email protected].


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