Publix, Fred Meyer Offer Needle-free Flu Shots

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Publix, Fred Meyer Offer Needle-free Flu Shots


Select Publix Super Markets in the Southeast and most Fred Meyer stores in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington will offer flu-season immunizations using Bioject needle-free options.

Lakeland, Fla.-based Publix will be conducting evaluations of the newly released Bioject ZetJet spring-powered device at 52 stores in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina. Designed to deliver vaccines and injectable medications up to 0.5 milliliters, either subcutaneously or intramuscularly, the ZetaJet consists of two components: the portable injector and an auto-disabling disposable syringe. The syringe assembly features a unique “auto-disable” feature that prevents its reuse.

“The ergonomically designed Bioject ZetaJet provides patients a convenient alternative to the needle and syringe for the administration of the flu vaccine,” noted said Dr. Richard Stout, EVP and chief medical officer of Portland, Ore.-based Bioject Medical Technologies Inc.

“While needle-free vaccines have been used in the past in some public agencies and the military, this is the first time this option has been available to the public through their pharmacies,” said Marc Cecchini, VP and director of Pharmacy for Portland-based Fred Kroger Co. division, which will be using the Biojector at its stores. “This provides a great alternative for customers who are wary of needles but want to protect themselves against the flu.”

The Biojector is a carbon dioxide gas-powered, needle-free injector that can deliver medications or vaccines up to 1.0 milliliter in volume, either subcutaneously or intramuscularly, from a sterile single-use syringe. The system features three components: a durable injection device, a disposable needle-free syringe, and a carbon dioxide cartridge. The plastic syringe is the only part that comes in contact with the patient's skin; fter each injection, the used syringe is discarded and a new one is inserted for the next injection.

“The Biojector offers patients a safe, easy and convenient alternative to the needle and syringe for their annual flu shot,” observed Stout.