Pro’s Ranch Market Expands Biometric Check Cashing

Ontario, Calif.-based Hispanic grocer Pro’s Ranch Markets has deployed a biometric check-cashing service at all 11 of its grocery store locations in a four-state area: Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas.

The system, Paycheck Secure from Herndon, Va.-based AllTrust, uses a finger scan to authenticate customers' identities to cash checks. The check-cashing system was first implemented in Pro’s Delano, Calif., store in 2007 to streamline manual check processes, and was recently expanded based on its success.

“Paycheck Secure enabled us to more confidently cash checks,” said Jeff Provenzano, VP of technology and advertising at Pro’s. “The Paycheck Secure check-cashing system provided us with the user-friendly tools and critical technology we needed to make better-informed decisions. The positive customer and employee feedback, combined with the high level of service we receive from AllTrust, made it an easy decision to expand the service to all our stores.”

To sign up for the program, shoppers provide a photo ID and two finger scans, and pose for a digital photograph. Pro’s shoppers enroll one time, but can cash checks at any Pro’s store using the system.
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