Promo Urges M&M’S Eaters to Reunite Characters

The M&M’S “Reunite ‘M” promotion encourages fans of the iconic candies to bring the beloved M&M’S characters back together by locating bags featuring all five characters under the wrapper. Consumers can call 1-877-WEREUNITE (877-937-3864) to find out whether they’ve won and to enter the $100,000 sweepstakes.

Offering more than $1 million in prizes, including a $100,000 grand prize, high-value M&M’S WORLD gear, tickets to Six Flags amusement parks, and product coupons, the contest offers odds of winning of 1:24, according to Hackettstown, N.J.-based Mars Chocolate North America, the manufacturer of M&M’s. Winners of the top two prizes will be revealed at the promotion’s end in mid-September.

360-degree marketing support includes the instant-win promotion, advertising, in-store displays, FSI, public relations, promotional packaging and social media. The M&M’S characters themselves will use websites and social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to inform fans of their solo careers. Ultimately, however, consumers and characters will celebrate as the group gets it together once more at the Reunite ‘M party.

According to Mars, the promotion “will drive in-store purchases by generating excitement and consumer engagement in multiple ways around the brand,” adding that the initiative is “a natural progression” of last year’s Character Vote and boosts consumer interest by emphasizing the individuality of each character.

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