PRODUCT INNOVATION: Kleenex Develops Softer, Stronger Tissue

Kimberly-Clark Corp. (K-C) has launched what it calls “the next generation in facial tissue performance” with Kleenex Facial Tissue with Lotion. The enhanced product offers dramatically improved softness and strength to the iconic brand through a new proprietary advancement in tissue technology.

“Kleenex is the leading facial tissue brand because it consistently meets or exceeds consumers' needs by delivering new innovations to the marketplace,” noted Kim Underhill, president of the Dallas-based company’s North American Family Care Business. “Our newest facial tissue innovation combines a more soothing feeling with the strength desired by so many consumers.”

The super-premium three-ply tissue employs a new proprietary surface treatment to improve softness while at the same time boosting tissue strength by 17 percent vs. K-C’s previous lotion offering.

In comparative product testing, the company found that a majority of consumers preferred the enhanced Kleenex Facial Tissue with Lotion over a similar item from a major competitor.

“Up until now product changes in the category have typically improved strength at the expense of softness, and vice versa,” said Underhill. “This advancement in tissue technology resolves that issue, and will be notable in the category and only offered by the Kleenex brand.”

Kimberly-Clark is debuting the technology on its Kleenex brand lotion product line first, since lotion facial tissues represent the fastest-growing segment of the facial tissue category, with sales growing an average of 7 percent annually over the past three years, according to Nielsen data. The company plans to expand the new tissue technology in other Kleenex brand product lines this year.

To support the launch of the improved product, the Kleenex brand team will roll out a multimillion-dollar marketing and consumer sampling campaign that will let consumers physically feel the product’s softness. The campaign will feature the largest consumer product sampling effort in the Kleenex history, with over 60 million samples to be sent out. Additionally, the campaign will encompass TV advertising, FSIs and in-store promotions.

“K-C is committed to driving sustainable growth of the Kleenex brand by launching new product and marketing innovations, and we believe the enhanced Kleenex Facial Tissue with Lotion will create customer and consumer excitement in the facial tissue category," observed Angela Fisher, Kleenex senior brand manager. “Our marketing efforts are designed to engage consumers at every touch point – in stores, in homes and in market.”

The enhanced Kleenex Facial Tissue for Lotion will be widely available at retail outlets across North America beginning in October.

K-C’s other brands include Kleenex, Scott, Huggies, Pull-Ups, Kotex and Depend. The company holds No. 1 or No. 2 share positions in over 80 countries.
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