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Private Equity Firm Acquires Mother’s Market and Kitchen

Costa Mesa, Calif.-based Mother’s Market & Kitchen, which operates seven supermarkets in Southern California, has been acquired by private equity investment firm Mill Road Capital (MRC).

With its stores occupying some of the most valuable real estate in the nation, the acquisition "should be a wake-up call for all super-natural competitors," said Jay Jacobowitz, founder and president of Retail Insights, a natural products consultancy specializing in strategic guidance to independent retailers. “Household quality and demand potential for natural organic products is extremely high in the trade areas served by Mother’s Market & Kitchen, and is among the best in the country, according to our…database.”

Jacobowitz said Mother's Market's stores "are first-rate operations, with excellent foodservice offerings, dynamic merchandising, beautiful facilities, and the highest ingredient standards in the industry."

The acquisition by Mill Road Capital, Jacobowitz continued, signals Mother's Market's management intention "to continue to pursue the long game, waiting patiently for ideal real estate before signing leases, and being careful to establish reasonable proximities between stores to maximize network distribution efficiencies."

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