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Price Chopper Unit Recalls Ground Beef

The Price Chopper Supermarket in Pittsfield, Mass. is voluntarily recalling several varieties of fresh ground beef with a sell-by date of May 20 or May 21, 2008, because of the possibility that there could be plastic or metal fragments in the product,.

As well as alerting the media of the recall, Schenectady, N.Y.-based Price Chopper has made use of its Smart Reply notification program, which employs purchase data and consumer phone numbers on file in connection with the grocer's AdvantEdge loyalty card to inform those households that may have bought the affected product.

The varieties are 78% Lean 28% Fat Ground Beef, 80% Lean 20% Fat Ground Chuck, 85% Lean 15% Fat Ground Round, 90% Lean 10% Fat Ground Sirloin, 90% Lean 7% Fat Ground Beef, 93% Lean 7% Fat 3 Lb Ground Beef, 93% Lean 7% Fat Ground Beef, Natural 90% Lean Ground Beef, Certified Angus Beef, 80% Ground Chuck, 90% Lean Ground Sirloin, 85% Ground Round, Portabella Patty, and Beef Burger.
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