Price Chopper Goes With Finally Software for Secure Telnet

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. -- After an exhaustive evaluation process, Price Chopper Supermarkets here has chosen U.K. company Finally Software to provide its IVT SSH, Secure Telnet product for 500 users.

Finally Software was selected after an extensive evaluation of top secure telnet products.

"On a number of IS projects requiring SSH access, our company needed to find a solution that would be powerful enough for programmer use, and yet customisable enough to be deployed to our end users," noted Price Chopper IS project leader Jason Perrone in a statement. "After evaluating numerous packages, we determined that IVT's features, functionality, and customer support distinguished it clearly from its rivals."

IVT Secure Access is a Windows terminal emulator with built-in security that also secures X-Windows protocols and is fully compatible with Active Directory and DCE security systems. The product offers additional security for those using a PC to run a vt100 terminal emulator to contact Unix and other hosts.

Among the product's other features are:

--Mutual authentication between user and hosts;

--A Single-Sign-On for all secure sessions to multiple hosts;

--Data privacy of all connections using encrypted sessions;

--A multi-session user interface, simplifying access to multiple hosts;

--A history log;

--Scripting language to automate a range of manual tasks;

--Keyboard mapping and key script automation;

--Cut-and-paste capability; and

--A screen saver for information hiding.

The family-owned Golub Corp. owns and operates 110 Price Chopper stores in New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. Golub's approximately 23,000 associates collectively own 55 percent of the company's privately held stock.
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