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Price Chopper to Deploy ELO Media Automated DVD Rental Machines

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. - Price Chopper plans to install DVmatic automated DVD rental machines from New York-based ELO Media, to provide a comprehensive DVD rental machine for the delivery of fast and convenient rental services to its customers.

ELO will install machines at various Price Chopper locations in the Albany, N.Y. area. "I believe this will be an extremely valuable addition to our stores," said Mona Golub, Price Chopper's director of public relations and consumer services. "These machines will increase foot traffic at our locations and provide our customers with an additional complementary service at a low price."

ELO Media will work closely with Price Chopper to implement various promotions to quickly build a customer base and provide a competitive service.

The DVmatic contains 700 movies with 180 different titles, and accepts both credit and debit cards for customer convenience.
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