POY USA Accepting Entries for 2010 Awards

Consumer packaged goods can enter the competition to win the 2010 Product of the Year USA awards. As the nation’s largest consumer survey on product innovation, Product of the Year teams with New York-based global research company TNS to survey 100,000 American shoppers, who ultimately pick the winners in each category.

“The Product of the Year seal is a valuable shortcut for shoppers in search of the best products on today’s supermarket shelves,” said Colleen Kelly, managing director of Product of the Year. “It not only saves consumers precious time and money at the store, but also helps companies and their products truly stand out for innovation and value.”

A recent monthly Omnibus Express survey by TNS found that the Product of the Year logo on a package is 25 percent more effective at generating purchase interest from shoppers than the word “New!”

“Our research has found that the current economic uncertainty has people looking for products with better value and some level of consumer feedback and endorsement,” noted TNS senior manager Shannon Hazlett. “Product of the Year pinpoints those particular products that resonate with 100,000 likeminded shoppers from across the country.”

Last year, 16 winners were chosen, and they can incorporate the distinction into marketing efforts, in-store promotions and advertising. Internationally, the Product of the Year logo has led to average sales increases of 10 percent to 15 percent for winning products, according to the program.

The next round of product winners will be revealed in January 2010. Now in its 23rd year and in 28 countries around the world, Product of the Year, which started in France, debuted in the United States, India and South Africa in 2008, and will roll out this year in Canada, Australia and Japan.

The final deadline to submit entries is July 31, 2009. To enter a product or for additional information, visit www.productoftheyearusa.com.
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