Pink Lady Apples Launch Trademark Assurance Campaign

The association supported by Pink Lady brand apple growers is asking shoppers to look at the price look-up (PLU) stickers on their fruit prior to purchase in order to be certain they are taking home the genuine article.

“It’s been a very good year for our growers and the consumers enjoying a very high quality crop,” said Alan Taylor, marketing director of Yakima, Wash.-based Pink Lady America LLC. “Those apples are also the ones packed to strict quality standards in order to have the PLU stickers displaying the ‘Pink Lady’ trademark.” Taylor said. “If it doesn’t read ‘Pink Lady’ it doesn’t come with that trademark protection.”

In order to get out the word about the need to buy fruit sporting the Pink Lady PLU sticker, Pink Lady America is starting an educational program to explain why it’s important to buy only trademarked fruit; that is, if the consumer is wanting a product packed to those established standards

“We see this issue as so vital to those buying this apple that we’re dedicating a great deal of effort to the creation of a comprehensive program aimed at those consumers,” Taylor said, noting that multi-faceted educational program will include news releases sent to media outlets in a number of target audiences, starting with consumers and also directed toward the produce trade.

“We will also be using our recently revised website, Facebook and Twitter to explain the quality reasoning behind the Pink Lady trademark,” Taylor said. “We are developing a program called ‘Pink Lady Heroes,’ which will encourage those quality-seeking consumers to not only look for the proper PLU stickers, but to report any instances where they find any stickers reading otherwise to Pink Lady America.”

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