Pink Lady America Picks 'Biggest Loser' Winner as Spokesperson

In a move to reinforce its focus on the healthy aspects of its product, Pink Lady America (PLA) has named Ali Vincent, the first female winner of "The Biggest Loser," as its national spokesperson for the 2011-12 marketing season.

"After being the first apple in the American Heart Association Food Certification Program, we've been looking for the most effective way to follow up with the message that the Pink Lady brand apple is a great choice to be part of a healthy lifestyle," said Alan Taylor, PLA marketing director. "And who better to be the best possible example of a healthy lifestyle than Ali Vincent, who in 2008 became The Biggest Loser by losing 112 pounds on the highly popular NBC program."

Vincent signed to be the spokesperson for the pink apple in early November. This was not long before she appeared on "The Biggest Loser Where Are They Now" special the night before Thanksgiving along with other fan favorite former contestants. She was wearing pink, which became her signature color on the show three years before.

Since winning the top prize on the show, Vincent has gone on to give motivational speeches throughout the country, compete in marathons and is currently hosting Live Big with Ali Vincent on the Live Well Network.

"We are excited by the very public opportunities Ali Vincent will be bringing to our marketing efforts," Taylor noted. "Being a celebrity motivational speaker at various events and highly visible in our social media efforts will go a long way in the delivery of messages related to the nutritional profile of the Pink Lady brand."

Pink Lady America general manager John Reeves had a chance meeting with Vincent at Bloomsday in Spokane (also her hometown) last spring where, along with running, he was passing out Pink Lady apples and t-shirts. Not surprisingly, Vincent will likely be a key part of Pink Lady America's participation in that same event next year.

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