Pilot at Super King Markets Validates New Loyalty Platform

The viability of a new loyalty platform for independent supermarket retailers has been proven by a pilot of the card-based program at Super King Markets in Los Angeles.

A three-month test of the AppCard was coordinated by the National Grocers Association (NGA) and the Center for Advancing Retail and Technology (CART).

The field test at two Super King Markets stores was designed to examine the ease of launching and implementing the AppCard solution. During the pilot, AppCard officials worked with the grocer to understand shopper insights and conduct several specific targeted marketing initiatives to impact shopper behavior.

Officials said the solution enables grocers to gain shopper insights and analytics used to power targeted marketing, helping to level the playing field with the largest retailers.

“The team from AppCard has delivered on their commitments at each stage of our partnership. Each person we've worked with has been positive and proactive. We are still learning to leverage the card value to our shoppers and the data our Royal Rewards program makes available to us,” said Daniel Barth, general manager of Super King Markets.

Eran Harel, VP of business development for AppCard, said, “One of the largest obstacles for grocers wanting to launch a loyalty and rewards initiative is the cost and technical requirements of integration with their POS systems. AppCard’s unique and proprietary approach ties real-time transaction's item level data to the shoppers, in a way to allow the merchant to personalize their communication and marketing to the shopper.”

Based on the outcome of the pilot, CART has awarded the CART Registered PLUS designation to AppCard's solution. 

Information and insights gathered from the pilot were documented in a case study published by CART, “Easy to Implement Loyalty,” available for download.

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