PickMyFish an Aid to Picky Eaters

Whether at home writing a weekly shopping list, at the seafood counter curious about a fish on special or in a restaurant wavering between two menu options, consumers now have a fast and easy way to choose the fish that suits their taste.

Unveiled on the final day of the National Fisheries Institute’s annual meeting in Chicago, PickMyFish.com is designed to end indecision by helping people find types of fish they’ll enjoy eating.

“‘I don’t like the taste/my family doesn’t like the taste’ is the biggest barrier to eating seafood twice a week,” said Jennifer McGuire, a registered dietitian and NFI’s manager of nutrition communication. “But with so many different species of seafood, there really is a fish or shellfish for every appetite. Now there’s a tool to help you find your seafood soul mate, without all the messy dating.”

Hungry consumers can simply select their taste, texture, flake and color preferences, and PickMyFish will generate tailored seafood recommendations. Or, for super speedy decisions, they can skip straight to quick, alphabetical fish descriptions.

“Last year, Americans ate 15.8 pounds of seafood per capita, down from 16 pounds in 2008,” McGuire said. “Fish is an important and healthy part of the American diet and we’d like to get that number going in the other direction. With PickMyFish we’re helping to remove road blocks to eating an amazingly healthful food.”

PickMyFish can be used on any computer, smartphone or iPad.

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