PG's April 2017 Store of the Month: Fork Lift by Nugget Markets

Progressive Grocer'sApril 2017 Store of the Month is Fork Lift by Nugget Markets in Cameron Park, Calif. Here's a case study on how a once-underperforming warehouse supermarket successfully reinvented itself by spotlighting organic, local and specialty foods while maintaining its price-impact roots.

The 50,000-square-foot store blends the special charms of the regional retailer’s flagship Nugget Market banner with the utilitarian framework of its Food 4 Less forerunner. While Fork Lift's hipster vibe doesn’t necessarily scream “no-frills warehouse store,” Nugget Markets President and CEO Eric Stille affirms, “It’s got the bones of a Food 4 Less.” Those sturdy bones, he adds, provided an ideal canvas on which to tinker with a hybrid concept that took its main cue from its initial warehouse configuration, tricked out from there with ample inspiration from market trends and competitive dynamics.

Take a peek inside Fork Lift to check out how it's carved a unique niche as a lifestyle/price-impact hybrid store that's in a league of its own.