PG Webcast: Hear Green Hills, Cannondale, Talk on Optimizing Marketing ROI

Green Hills, an independent grocer in Syracuse, N.Y. that ranks among the best when it comes to turning shopper data into powerful and relevant marketing programs, and Cannondale Associates, a marketing and sales management consulting firm, will show you how to optimize your marketing effectiveness during a one-hour webcast to be held Thursday, Oct. 22 at 2 p.m. EST.

Marketers today have a wide menu of options for how to spend their advertising dollars. In the FMCG industry, those options not only include in-store shopper marketing vehicles, traditional weekly circular/TPR promotions and print and broadcast advertising, but also a proliferation of new media vehicles -- digital, mobile and social networking -- made possible by the advent of Web 2.0 and mobile technologies.

Increased choice translates to increased complexity for brand marketers focused on optimizing the ROI of their marketing investments. Specifically, their challenge is quantifying the behavioral and attitudinal response to each marketing vehicle (individually or in combination), and thereby determining how best to deploy their options in a strategically integrated fashion. Linking household-specific marketing, advertising and shopper communication exposure to household-specific behavioral and attitudinal response -- closing the loop, so to speak -- is the key to successfully navigating this wealth of options to increase brand-marketing effectiveness and improve ROI.

Join Progressive Grocer magazine in this Web Seminar, sponsored by Cannondale Associates, that will feature an in-depth discussion on how closing the loop between exposure, purchase behavior and attitudinal response improves marketing ROI. Find out in this online-only event how successful marketers use these insights to optimize their marketing spend and increase their ROI.

The featured speakers will be:

• Joe Tarnowski, Senior Editor, Progressive Grocer
• Sterling Hawkins, EVP, Green Hills
• Cannondale Associates

• Pedro Pereira, Managing Editor, Nielsen Business Media Webcasts/Digital Events

To register for the event, visit
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