PG Grocerant Summit Presentations

Stagnito welcomes attendees and explains the importance of the evolving Grocerant concept

Pulling from The NPD Group's proprietary CREST data, Penny Anderson serves up a view of foodservice occasions by the people doing the eating. From daypart and venue to orders and motivations, a clear picture of what consumers are looking for -- and what retailers need to provide -- emerges. 

Culling from a rich pool of proprietary research, Tyson Foods Inc.’s Eric LeBlanc illustrates the importance of connecting with consumers before they enter the grocery store – and while they’re deciding what to have for dinner. As important as the pre-shop connecting is, however, it’s execution in the store that determines success or failure. LeBlanc reveals the real cost of failing to address three key grocerant elements: product issues, staffing issues, and general issues, such as cleanliness, wait or product readiness.

Dinner in America isn't what it used to be, and only understanding shoppers emotional connections to dinner today will help retailers gain a seat at the dinner table. Brace will help retailer attendees define their growth objectives and develop strategies to create the right story for the desired audience.  

Lifehack. Paleo. All-natural. Farm-to-table. Personalized Diet. Just a few of the words that are driving consumers to choose subscription meal services. In this interactive session Susan Weller guides attendees as they discover the "winning" elements of subscription meal services, how they might inform creative foodservice concepts and what elements could be applied in their own operations...almost immediately.

Refrigerated display case and refrigeration systems leader Hillphoenix has a proven track record of helping retailers execute holistic store design – from food programs to concepts, employee training to décor. Henry Pellerin will discuss the five critical factors needed to execute a successful grocerant. Items covered will be menus, layouts and flow, versatility/flexibility of equipment, merchandising, and employee talent. Attendees will learn how to have a grocerant that captivates the customer from breakfast through evening snacks with fresh products.    

All grocery retail is challenged by talent, but it's particularly challenging for grocerant concepts because optimally, team members will score high in social engagement. Learn how to attract, train and retain the best for success.

Profitality applies principles of engineering and ergonomics to drive “Profitable Hospitality”. Martinez takes attendees through Profitality’s “employee centric” approach to simplifying execution to optimize labor efficiency, streamline customer service, and facilitate menu innovation, all while improving economic value. This session promises actionable strategies that can  be implemented immediately for some quick wins!

Sous-vide might just be the best kept secret of savvy commercial kitchens… until now. SugarCreek’s Lance Layman illustrates this emerging cooking technology – delivering product consistency and food safety – while saving time and labor. Millie Nuno from Ampac serves up customer-friendly meal solution packaging.

How subscription services inspire grocerant creativity

Beef sales bring more value to the basket, but retailers face high cost and preparation hurdles when selling beef as part of their fresh prepared food offerings. New research identifies opportunities and unveils successful examples from retailers overcoming these challenges with creative strategies that can work in the deli prepared perimeter.

A successful grocerant program aligns with a banner’s overall mission and customer base, but before delving into menu development and cost analyses, Chef Steven Petusevsky provides retailer attendees with the key strategies they’ll need to embrace to create a new business model.

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