Pear Bureau NW Launches Online Destination for Kids

Pear Bureau Northwest has launched its new online destination for elementary school-age children, dubbed “Pear World,” designed to engage and educate children about pears and to encourage families to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet.

Pear World features the USA Pear mascots, the “Pear Buddies,” a friendly and physically active crew of different varieties of pears, each with their own color, shape and personality. Featured in illustrations and animations throughout the site, the Pear Buddies guide children through kid-friendly recipes, activities, and information, including an interactive "Living Orchard" that changes with the seasons. Holidays are also celebrated in the Living Orchard – regular site visitors will be rewarded with special décor and animations, from tree ornaments to fireworks.

In addition to the Living Orchard, the site features three rooms to explore:

  • The Pear Orchard - Kids can come here to learn about the ten different varieties of USA Pears, where they're grown, and how they get from the orchard to the grocer.
  • The Pear Kitchen - This section is full of pear recipes that kids can make and eat, plus it includes kitchen safety tips and a kid-friendly introduction to cooking tools and utensils.
  • The Pear Lab - With arts and crafts, hands-on educational "experiments" and games, this section is sure to be popular with kids, parents, and educators.

“Pear World is a place where kids can roll up their sleeves and interact with pears in the virtual orchard and in their real kitchen at home,” said Cristie Mather, director of communications for USA Pears. “We aim to increase familiarity with pears among kids and families, thereby helping to develop a preference for pears which will drive repeat purchase.”

Cheryl Fisher, account executive at Kidzsmart Concepts, who designed the digital experience in partnership with USA Pears, noted that the firm’s “goal was to create a captivating experience for both kids and parents that educates as well as entertains, by engaging visitors with a space for interactive exploration.”

Established in 1931, Milwaukie, Ore.-based Pear Bureau Northwest is a nonprofit marketing organization that promotes the fresh pears grown in Oregon and Washington.

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