Parata to Add Remote Monitoring and Service to Solution-Mix

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Parata to Add Remote Monitoring and Service to Solution-Mix

Pharmacy automation vendor Parata, based in Durham, N.C., said it would use technology from Axeda Corp. to enable retail pharmacy operators to remotely monitor their pharmacy systems.

Foxboro, Mass.-based Axeda is an on-demand, remote service software company. Its ServiceLink platform allows service personnel to safely and securely connect to automation devices without compromising pharmacies’ IT policies or infringing upon such regulations as HIPAA.

“Axeda ServiceLink will monitor up to 300 parameters on Parata Max and 100 on Parata Mini in real time,” explained Andy Snow, VP of product services at Parata. “When analyzed against Parata’s knowledge base and reliability lab-testing results, this information will let Parata quickly and consistently translate performance data and trends into actionable service information.”

Parata will use the system to monitor compressor temperature, motor current, robot position, machine startup and shut-down frequency, cycle times, counting rates, and counting history by drug and cell.