Paper Mate’s InkJoy Touts Status as ‘Most Stolen Pen’

Paper Mate is marketing its latest pen lines, collectively known as InkJoy, by tapping into consumer frustration over missing and stolen pens. According to the brand, InkJoy will dramatically change people’s expectations of what an affordable pen can offer, propelling it to “World’s Most Stolen Pen” status.

InkJoy is the first pen to deliver the kind of writing experience you’d expect of a luxury pen but at an accessible price,” explained Scott Crist, global director of marketing for Oak Brook, Ill.-based Paper Mate, part of the Newell Rubbermaid global brand portfolio. “It writes and feels premium, but is priced for mass audiences worldwide. Once you try it, you’ll feel the joy and understand why this pen deserves a little extra protection.”

The subject of Paper Mate’s inaugural global marketing campaign, InkJoy has launched in the United States, with rollouts expected in such key international markets as Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and New Zealand, and eventually Canada, France and Poland.

Among the components of the multifaceted campaign, dubbed “The World’s Most Stolen Pen,” are 15- and 30-second television spots appearing on cable channels Bravo, HGTV, Oxygen, TLC and TNT. The humorous ads show what happens when an unsuspecting office worker threatens to “borrow” an InkJoy pen. Additional support consists of a digital buy across multiple properties, including Facebook and Twitter, as well as robust social media and word-of-mouth activation. The campaign was developed by Paper Mate agencies Energy BBDO and The Zócalo Group, both based in Chicago, to drive InkJoy awareness and consumer engagement.

A playful U.S. Facebook promotion launching in mid-February will enable consumers to submit photos of friends, family and co-workers “suspected” of pen theft, with images captured on wanted posters and shared on fan walls. Fans who submit photos will automatically be entered to win cash and/or product prizes. Additionally, through March, fan activities will include an online pursuit for the stolen InkJoy pen, featuring protected-identity videos of accused pen thieves, posters fans can print to help protect their workspaces from pen theft, and a live-stream pen theft surveillance cam set up at Paper Mate HQ.

The InkJoy product portfolio encompasses seven lines, from the 100 “everyday” to the 300 “moderate” to the 700 “elite” series. Product features and pricing advance along with the series, from the more basic 100, which has an SRP of $2.77 for a 10-pack, to the more luxurious 700 series pen with its hourglass shape and high-gloss finish, retailing for $4 per 2-pack. The 100 and 300 series come in 10 bright, modern colors, while 700 series is available in black, blue and red. All feature a quick, reliable start; require minimal pressure; and deliver crisp, clean lines every time for a truly effortless writing experience. The launch also creates a new category in many stores’ pen aisles: Advanced Ink Systems.


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