Pamela's Urges Gluten-free Consumers to 'Be More' in 2011

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Pamela's Urges Gluten-free Consumers to 'Be More' in 2011


For 2011, gluten-free food manufacturer Pamela's Products has dreamed up 12 “monthly mantras” to help consumers live up to the company’s message to “Be More.” Accompanied by user-friendly gluten-free recipes and other meal advice, the two-word phrases can be applied to all parts of one's life, according to Ukiah, Calif.-based Pamela’s.

The campaign bows in January with the exhortation to “Live More.” “Most of us want to begin the New Year on the right foot and often make resolutions to be healthier -- from exercise, to eating, or just being good to ourselves,” the company noted. “The new year is an ideal time to regain focus and bring balance back into our lives to enhance and enrich our daily routines. Always mindful of time and convenience, Pamela's gluten-free meals or snacks are fast and easy, giving you that time to ‘Live More.’”

Company founder Pamela Guisto-Sorrells created her monthly mantras not only to share with consumers, but also to motivate herself. “It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind,” she explains. “I hope these little monthly reflections help all of us focus -- even for a few minutes -- on what makes each of us happy, either on our own or as we engage others. For me, making and sharing great food that brings everyone together -- gluten-free and not -- is my avenue to being more.”

Combined with the advice to “Live More,” Pamela’s makes the following food suggestions:

  • Enjoy a quiet moment with Pamela's Products Traditional Cookies, which come in eight flavors, and a cup of tea
  • Make baked treats for loved ones, using Pamela's Products Baking Mixes
  • Take a Pamela's Cheesecake along to a dinner party
  • Make gluten-free bread from Pamela’s Gluten-Free Bread Mix to use for sandwiches in packed lunches, and print out a recipe card featuring lunch-box ideas at
  • Look for ingredient listings that are easily pronounceable and of high quality
  • Enroll in May’s Gluten-free Challenge and start getting bimonthly tips, by visiting or