Pa. Food Merchants Praise House Passage of Alcohol Sales Reform

The Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association (PFMA) cheered the Pennsylvania House of Representatives’ vote to pass House Bill 790 to reform the Keystone State’s alcohol sales system.

Noting that the legislation would “[move] Pennsylvania forward to modernized alcohol sales,” Alex Baloga, PFMA’s director of government relations, said that the Camp Hill, Pa.-based organization “will continue to work for changes that treat all of our members fairly and increase choice and convenience for consumers."

The bill, which reforms beer, liquor and wine sales, now moves on to the Pennsylvania Senate, where it will be debated.

“This is a historic victory for consumers, retailers and for Pennsylvania; however, we still have to work to get this bill passed through the Senate,” acknowledged PFMA president and CEO David McCorkle, urging the organization’s members, their associates and their customers to contact their state senators to request they pass the bill.

The PFMA’s "Free My Beer" campaign can be accessed through its dedicated website and on Facebook.

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