Over Half of Americans Prefer Organics

Now may be a good time for retailers to reassess their selection of organic meat and seafood, according to findings in a new survey.

The poll, conducted by Thomson Reuters-NPR Health, found that over half of U.S. consumers surveyed (58 percent) prefer organic food to conventional food. This preference is particularly strong with those with a higher education, and those of a younger demographic. Sixty-three perfect of respondents under age 35 choose organics when possible.

Among those who prefer organic food, their primary motivations include: supporting local farms (36 percent), avoiding toxins (34 percent), environmental health (17 percent), and taste (13 percent). Price was the primary reason that respondents preferred non-organic food.

While education played a key role in consumers’ buying decisions, income was not a huge factor for organic food preference, the survey found. In fact, those that made between $25,000 and $49,999 (61.2 percent) preferred organic slightly more than those that made over $100,000 (60.8 percent).

More information about the study is available by clicking here.

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