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Oregon Supermarkets to Try Out Liquor Sales

SALEM, Ore. - A two-year pilot project approved by state liquor regulators earlier in the month will permit large grocery stores in five Oregon cities to sell liquor, AP reports. Over 80 stores, mainly small, rural ones, already sell both groceries and liquor.

The pilot project, however, could place spirits in city supermarkets by October.

According to Ken Palke, a spokesman for the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC), "It's a break with tradition, but we are also looking at new venues to market the product."

The OLCC double mission is to promote temperance and distribute all distilled spirits in Oregon. Currently consumers who want to purchase liquor must go to 239 stores run by agents, private, state-hired businesspeople.

The commission's idea is to test the supermarket concept in five areas it deems underserved: West Bend, South Salem, Hillsboro, Gresham and Eugene's Gateway area.
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